Solid State Downhole Gyro Survey Tools

Get ultra-accurate, real-time borehole survey data while maintaining data integrity with our solutions.


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Oil and Gas

We have been helping the oil and gas industry to ensure the profitability of their projects while reducing environmental and safety risks for more than 25 years.


Our tools are used in major mining projects across the globe, helping mining companies achieve the highest level of precision in determining mineral drillhole direction and drillcore orientation.

Civil Engineering

We provide precision in critical projects, from river crossings to large-scale industrial infrastructure developments through our robust north seeking gyro solutions.

Solid-State Survey Tools

Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) has been designing downhole solid-state survey tools and supplies for the world’s major oil, gas, mining, and civil engineering companies for over 25 years. By keeping our design and manufacturing under one roof, we’ve remained a leader in the industry by providing the highest quality products ever seen in the industry.

Precision saves time, money and lives

Our products are developed in-house where we closely oversee all aspects of production. We do not outsource and hope for the best, we ensure success. You can rest assured knowing that every product developed by SPT is of the highest possible quality. Clarify your doubts right now by reaching out to our expert engineers.

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