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Stockholm Precision Tools AB is the leading company in the design and manufacture of solid state downhole gyro technologies for surveying in drilling operations in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Civil Engineering industries.

Our History

Since its founding in 1996, Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT AB) has been a trusted partner and provider of high quality solid-state gyro solutions. We are proud to work with the largest oil & gas, mining and civil engineering companies from around the world.

State-of-the-art technology and high industrial quality standards

By keeping our design and manufacturing in house, we can monitor every aspect of production to ensure each product is up to international quality standards.

Why SPT?

To make decisions, drilling industries require accurate tools for surveying the trajectory of their boreholes.

Making decisions based on incorrect data compromises the millions of dollars invested in the project, the safety of workers and also poses a threat of environmental impact.

SPT’s solutions minimize these risks by ensuring the integrity of the data obtained thanks to our quality controls and ultra-precise Navibore™ technology.

Navibore™ incorporates a powerful drift self-compensating error model unique in the industry.

In addition, we accompany our customers throughout the entire process by providing immediate local support while keeping downtime to a minimum.

why spt
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The key benefits of SPT products are:

Global Presence

Local Service

We are there where our clients need us. Our global presence in over 50 countries allows us to deliver 24/7 immediate support.

In this way, we offer local service to our clients, with personalized attention, capable of satisfying the most demanding market demands.

Our representatives are experts with more than 20 years of experience, certified in our headquarters and endorsed by the standards required in the industry.

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A strategic partner for your proyects

Around the World

Our offices and workshops are strategically located to ensure we cover all the significant regions and have a representative on call for your operations at any time. This global presence and reach have enabled us to deliver a gold standard service quality to our clients. Your local SPT representative has access to an international team and knowledge of survey experts and tools.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsability

As a manufacturing company, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to the environment, our local communities and those with whom we do business.

The company has taken the initiative of actively encouraging our staff to recognise those responsibilities and behave responsibly. We regard the setting of a good example as an important part of our business. Below are a few examples of how our company and our staff have shown their commitment to practising responsible corporate behaviour and establishing and supporting initiatives in our offices. 



SPT’s commitment to the environment is real, as we are fully aware of the great impact that the mining and the oil and gas industries have on our nature. 

By improving trajectory measurement technology, SPT has contributed to the reduction of the amount of explosives used in blasting wells.

In the case of the oil and gas sector, our tools are environmentally friendly and greatly assist to avoid collisions between wells.

In the same way, we use reusable packaging for all our tools and we work with companies committed to climate change, ensuring that they meet our envirnmental standards and requirements before working with them.

We actively encourage staff to recycle as much waste as is practical – paper, plastics, etc.


SPT is conscious of its obligations to comply with all relevant legislation affecting its operations.

It has implemented compliance policies, procedures and programs, including an education and training program for employees on areas of Health and Safety and Testing procedures relevant to our business.

Corporate Governance

Prohibition on the giving or receiving of any bribes, extra contractual gratuities, inducements, facilitation payments or similar. Our Anti-Corruption Policy guarantees a transparent process in all our business relationships.

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Our solid-state equipment is used by industry leaders from around the world