North seeking gyro with solid state sensors for all downhole applications. The only gyro in the mining industry that is capable of continuous surveying of azimuth from absolute vertical and up.

Secure the most demanding projects with an outstanding accuracy of 3 sigma.

North seeking solid-state gyroscope

The GyroMaster™ uses our proprietary Navibore™ Technology, which is capable of registering data points every cm for industry-leading accuracy. Capable of surveying at any inclination, customers can automatically receive two highly accurate independent surveys from every run.

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Automated software shows real-time data

Our intuitive software ensures accuracy throughout the operation. The GyroMaster™ obtains data in real-time and automatically generates detailed reports that can easily be shared with all stakeholders.

Pull cores and complete survey at the same time

Improve your team ́s efficiency by doing two tasks at once. With our Core Retriever™ overshot assembly you can pull cores and survey simultaneously. Increase drilling productivity and deliver great results combined with our  GyroMaster™.

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Technical Specifications

Inclination ± 0.05°
Azimuth accuracy ± 0.5°*
Positional accuracy <0.1% (NS, EW, Alt)**

* Quoted at 3 sigma (99.7% assurance)
** Well profile dependent.
Survey speed Up to 150 m/min (492 ft/min)
Average survey time for 1000m 15 min
Azimuth repeatability ± 0.5°
Gravity toolface accuracy ± 0.15°
Gyro toolface accuracy ± 0.5°
Bluetooth® connection Long range
RC survey option Yes
Survey mode Continuous, multi-shot and single shot
Real-time mode Telemetry
Memory mode Battery
Operating range Vertical, horizontal and inclined
Inclination range -90° to +90°
Temperature range -30°C up to 60°C (-22°F up to 140°F)
Pressure rating 50 MPa (7250 psi)
Collar azimuth Not required
Shock rating 2000g Axial 1/2 sine, 2ms
Export format PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS, DXF
Survey report Generate at any interval
Graphic generation 2D, 3D
Diameter 42mm (1.65")
Weight 8kg (17.6 lbs)
Battery life 20 hours (rechargable)
Length (with battery) 1844mm (72.6")
Length (with telemetry) 1463mm (57.6")

Automated quality control ensures your projects success

Our products are developed in-house, which means we oversee every aspect of production. We don’t outsource and hope for success, we build internally and expect it. With Stockholm Precision Tools you can trust that every product we develop is of the highest quality thanks to our experienced engineers


Core Retriever™

Pull cores and complete surveys at the same time.

Optical Depth Counter

Ensure survey accuracy with precision depth control.

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