High performance, cost-effective magnetic survey tool. Intuitive and smart software allows for simple data collection.

High-performance cost-effective option

Proven in the harshest mining conditions, our MagCruiser™ technology offers top performance at affordable rates. It withstands extreme conditions from -4ºF up to 140ºF and a staggering 5670psi of pressure.

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Unmatched Inclination Accuracy

SPT MagCruiser™ is able to provide an inclination accuracy of ± 0.05° making it the most precise and accurate magnetic survey tool in the market. It works perfectly at all inclinations and automatically generates reports at any interval.

Automated smart software

MagCruiser™ uses an intuitive & simple software interface to capture high quality data. Single shots can be combined in the interface to create and calculate multishot survey paths.

Readings can be recorded directly in the SPT SmartCloud™ ensuring fast data synchronization.

Comprehensive Quality Control of surveys

Using & reporting tamperproof raw data, calculating magnetic & gravity QC values, each survey can be compared to the reference data for clear & instant review of the data quality.

Technical Specifications

Inclination accuracy ± 0.05°
Azimuth accuracy ± 0.3°*
Toolface accuracy ± 0.2°
Magnetic dip angle ± 0.2°
Magnetic field accuracy ± 70 nT
Measurement range -90° to +90° of inclination
* Quoted at 3 sigma (99.7% assurance)
Export format PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS, DXF
Survey report Generate at any interval
Bluetooth High-speed connectivity
Graphic generation 2D, 3D
Bluetooth® High-speed connection
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 257°F)
Pressure range 5670psi (4000mH2O)
Diameter 35mm (1.38'')
Length 1000mm (39.37'')
Weight 6kg (13.2 lbs)
Handheld device IP67, heavy duty, easy to use
Well profiles
Vertical Applicable
Inclined Applicable
Directional drilling Applicable
River crossing (HDD) Applicable

Automated quality control ensures your projects success

Our products are developed in-house, which means we oversee every aspect of production. We don’t outsource and hope for success, we build internally and expect it. With Stockholm Precision Tools you can trust that every product we develop is of the highest quality thanks to our experienced engineers

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