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Leading provider of highly accurate mining products with Gyro Technology for directional drilling and borehole placement

Using an accurate borehole survey tool in the mining industry can be the difference between a successful investment or a failure. We’ve seen situations where companies have used inaccurate survey tools that classified ore as waste rock. 

Our tools are used in major mining projects across the globe, helping mining companies achieve the highest level of precision in determining mineral drillhole direction and drillcore orientation.

Our Products


The world’s most advanced North-Seeking Gyro for all downhole applications.

Core Retriever™

Complete downhole survey and retrieve the core sample at the same time.

Gyro RigAligner™

Align your drill rig in under 5 minutes. 4x Faster than other alignment tools in the market.


High performance cost-effective magnetic survey tool.


Highly accurate reference gyro designed for short hole applications


The slimmest gyro integrated, single piece, pressure housing. Ideal for blasting


Combines the benefits of gamma technology with the precision of the gyros tools

SPT SmartCloud™

Instantly store your borehole operation data into the cloud

Calibration Stand

Quality control always generates big savings.

Optical Depth Counter

Ensure survey accuracy with precision depth control.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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