Depth Counter

Ensure survey accuracy with precision depth control. Lightweight, compact and easy to use measuring device.

Compact and lightweight device for measuring wireline depth

The SPT Optical Depth Counter device is designed to be mounted to the rod of a drilling unit. One of the benefits compared to other measuring devices is that it measures depth on wireline cables from 4mm to 10mm (0.15” to 0.39”). This device can work on both open and cased hole, using a tripod or clamping device.
Depth Counter
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Dual spring-loaded measuring platform

This device measures the amount of wireline moving to and from the borehole. The measuring wheel is coupled to an encoder that transmits electrical signals via Bluetooth® to the handheld device.

Engineered for strength, precision measurement and durability.

Long-range wireless connection

The SPT Optical Depth Counter integrates perfectly into any SPT suite of mobile applications. Utilizing our long-distance Bluetooth® connection of up to 20m, work can be performed safely in any environment. Real-time data is automatically transferred and incorporated into the SPT logging software and the SPT SmartCloud™ as well.

wireless device

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 90x50x40 cm
Weight 9kg (19.8 lbs)
Driller Deployable Yes
Accuracy 1/1000
Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Bluetooth® range 20m
Ingress protection IP66
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery life 12 hours
Input encoder data Pushpull, open drain, open collector
Communication Bluetooth/USB 2.0

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