The PathBreaker™ Whipstock milling system is made with high performance tungsten carbide for fast cutting of all grades of casing. Sidetracking with PathBreaker offers the ability to drain reservoirs and can be used for new or re-entry wells.

Window milling in one trip.

Hydraulic anchor system sidetracks without cementing

The most advanced whipstock technology in sidetrack drilling performance. Equipped with a hydraulic anchor system, it is able to sidetrack without cementing and support for anchor setting.

The working principle is based on a built-in hydraulic cylinder activating the anchor and packer devices using a robust, totally reliable design.

PathBreaker Hydraulic Whipstock Setting Anchor
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Capable of withstanding extreme conditions

The PathBreaker™ Whipstock with hydraulic anchor is made with high-performance tungsten carbide for fast cutting of all grades of casing.

One meter of anchor withstands 150 Klbs (70 t) of axial load. The minimum length for hydraulic anchor is 3m, providing an easy setting for the Whipstock.

Highly competitive and cost-effective technology

Pathbreaker™ Whipstock can be set in all inclinations (vertical, directional, or horizontal wells), allowing direct and reverse circulation while running in-hole. Its expandable profile anchor provides ultra reliable setting for the PathBreaker™ Whipstock at any depth.

  1. 1
    Casing diameter 5 - 9 ⅝"
    Whip length 8.2 - 19.6m
    Manufacture to any mill size Yes
  2. 2
    Axial load 3.28 ft (1m of anchor)150,000lbs (70,000kg)
    OrientationMWD or SPT Gyro
    Window cuttingHigh speed, multiple casing strings
  3. 3
    Setting at any depth100%
    Ramp angle
    2.25° – 3.00°
    Expandable profile anchorYes
    Main wellbore designAll wellbore orientations
    Lateral wellbore designAll wellbore orientations
    New and re-entry wellsApplicable

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