Retrieving Core Samples

Previously completing downhole surveys and retrieving core samples were jobs done separately

Now SPT has combined these actions into one smooth process. The Core Retriever™ is an add-on accessory to our successful north seeking GyroMaster™ downhole survey tool. It allows the user to complete a survey while they are pulling the core. This saves a significant amount of time and overall will increase a company’s bottom line.

Automated Retrieving Core Samples software maintains accuracy

SPT’s north seeking gyro technology has been developed completely in-house. From hardware to software, our product range maintains complete quality control to ensure a smooth user experience.

Our engineers and software developers work together to make sure our tools interact seamlessly with our software.

Applying this approach, we were meticulous in ensuring the Core Retriever™ overshot assembly would work perfectly with our GyroMaster™ software.

With 3 clicks, the user is able to complete the survey and automatically generate a pdf report that can easily be shared with stakeholders.

Building driller deployable equipment that is simple to use, is a key aim of SPT.

core retriever product

Core Retriever

Improve your team ́s efficiency by doing two tasks at once. With our Core Retriever™ overshot assembly you can pull cores and survey simultaneously. Increase drilling productivity and deliver great results combined with our solid-state north seeking GyroMaster™ downhole survey tool.