SPT SmartCloud

Mining survey data instantly in the cloud.

The cloud-based platform for safeguarding and managing real-time mining survey data.
Accelerate your team collaboration and ensure survey integrity across all your mining projects with SPT SmartCloud™.

Access your surveying data in real-time

Keep track of your survey data in real time, from anywhere in the world. Smartcloud™ enables you and your team to access your data from any device, at any time.

The latest in cloud-based security technology

SmartCloud™ is supported by the latest technology in cybersecurity managed by experts in the field. Complete peace of mind for you, your company, and all users

Automatic QA/QC, planning and more

Create and share operations planning, audit trails and automate QA/QC reports to streamline the decision making process.

Safe global teamwork enabled

Control access to sensitive information by creating a wide range of user roles and fully customizing their permissions. 

SPT Smartcloud nube multiplataforma

Reduce nonproductive time and improve decision making while drilling or completing a well with SPT SmartCloud™.

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Seamless borehole surveying projects management

Easier data analysis, improved decision-making process

Global teams management

Secure storage in an intuitive platform

Fast and safe data synchronization

Real time data from anywhere

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